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Our Story


TRUPIK is the result of a shared vision, of a group of people passionate about technology and user experiences, to design and develop a solution that could help shoppers move seamlessly between the physical and virtual worlds. What started out as an idea, back in 2013, to address the online-offline disconnect, soon developed into a platform with the potential to change the face of retailing. Over the last couple of years, TRUPIK has evolved to become the preferred choice of some of the largest fashion brands, helping them transition to the digital era.

Today ...

Putting together all the necessary parts for an integrated experience and completing the first part of the journey, TRUPIK is ready to deliver an immersive shopping experience, dedicated to today’s connected shopper. A seamless experience that is designed around the individual, allowing them to engage with brands on their own terms — unrestricted by time, location or channel.


  • October 2015

    TRUPIK CONNECT introduced to the shoppers in Hyderabad, in true TRUPIK style.

  • Summer 2015

    Partnerships established with some of India’s largest brands, with the help of numerous cups of coffee

  • January 2015

    Trupik Virtualization Pvt. Ltd, our Indian arm, set up amidst numerous cab rides in Hyderabad.

  • Summer 2014

    The idea for the world’s first Virtual Manufacturing Plant born on a 24-hour flight to India

  • January 2014

    Initial seed funding secured with a pitch and a demo in a garage out of Mountain View, CA

  • Summer 2013

    Trupik Inc. conceived on a worn out couch in Saratoga, CA